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Hair is in essence an extension of our identity. Each person needs it to present their own particular persona, that's what makes it so beautiful. Our job is to ensure your vision (with our service) is brought to life in all its glory! Hair is your femininity and also in this day and age, your masculinity. There to enhance your core beauty. Hair is your identity, your "Crowning Glory", and we're the jewellers making this lively accessory sparkle. Hair can give you liberation! A freedom to do as you please in a way that everyone can appreciate and admire. At VNH, it's your hair, your choice and we would like to make it happen.

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Everyone is always talking about how "nice" their nails are and we can't allow that. Your nails are a direct extension of your personality, the woman inside bursting at the seams, screaming to get out, even if you're a man. At VNH we don't allow for nice nails, we only do "Glorious" nails because no-one should settle for nice. At VNH we only use the best and highest quality products available, to accentuate the splendour of your hands in your nails. Let’s face it! Having your nails done is therapy for the soul, and our "therapists" want to give your hands the remarkable treatment they deserve. Should you "accept" anything less?

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